Sunday School

And He took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.

~ Mark 10:16

The main aim of Sunday School in our parish is to enlighten our children about Christianity and moral life. Our Sunday school is registered with M.J.S.S.A. Regular classes are held after every Holy Qurbana at all grade levels from Year 1 to Year 10.

A dedicated group of over 20 parents and older student volunteer with their time and efforts towards the running of the school.

There are two main events in the annual calendar of our Sunday school.

i. Sunday School Arts Competitions: - These are usually held in the first half of the year. On this day, our kids perform various stage programs to show case their talents, faith and church’s rich traditions.

ii. Vacation Bible School: - Jacobite Syrian Vacation Bible Schools (JSVBS) in our parish is held over 3 consecutive days, usually in the second half of the year. Each year JSVBS is run under a biblical theme. Following the theme of the year, kids are engaged in a variety of programs such as workshops, Group Discussions, Arts and Craft sessions throughout the day. On the Final Day, the program finishes with kids showcasing their learnings on stage, in front of enthusiastic parents, teachers and well-wishers.

President: Fr.Jigi Varghese

Head Master: Mr. Jimmy Varghese

Assistant Head Master: Lessely Abraham